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Are you in the market for a new (to you) car, truck, or SUV? No idea where to start? You are not alone. Large purchases, such as a vehicle, can be an intimidating process. The best thing you can do is educate yourself about your options.

Buying used is a great option for many reasons. First, they cost a lot less than new vehicles. Secondly, you no longer have to sacrifice safety, utility, or upgrade options just because a vehicle is a few years old. Many elements are in play when purchasing a used vehicle. Things to consider include:
• Budget (both total cost and monthly expense)
• Down payment
• Financing options
• Type of vehicle
• Make/model history, reliability
• Checklist of must-have features
• Wish list items
• Where to buy

Even with the above list as a starting point, it’s important to decide what is personally most important to you. The most expensive, or largest, option is not always the best option. Your personal circumstances might mean that safety features or gas mileage top your list of priorities. Create a list in your mind, on an app, or on paper to identify what’s important to you, and perform your search based on that criteria.

Additionally, in today’s information-economy, consumers have a great deal of information at their fingertips to aid them in making a purchase decision. One excellent resource is Consumer Reports, where potential customers can browse ratings, reviews, and articles about any model that interests them. Another excellent resource is the J.D. Power site, where the organization polls owners about their vehicle experiences. CarGurus, available as both a website and an app, is a helpful, portable tool that you can take with you and narrow your search while you’re test driving your options.

Armed with your wish list and your research, the buying process will be much less intimidating. Finally, take your time in deciding what to buy, and be sure to pack some patience for the buying process. Enjoy your new wheels!

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