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In this generation, we’ve seen countless companies, big and small, going green and becoming environmentally oriented. The automotive industry one major industry that has had huge impacts. We have seen tons of improvements, innovations, and inventions that pertain to making vehicles environmentally friendly. Whether it’s ride sharing or renewable energy, the automotive industry truly knows what being environmentally friendly is all about. What is being environmentally friendly? Being environmentally friendly constitutes the actions, thinking, logic, and everything else geared toward the welfare of the environment.

Green automotive trends

Improvements, innovations, and inventions

The automotive industry has proven its commitment to the environment in various ways over the years. Debuting electric and autonomous cars helped reduce gas usage and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Since 2016, over 10 million electric cars have been sold worldwide. As they continue to grow in popularity, the impact they have on renewable energy will also grow. We’ve seen the rise of ridesharing with the introduction of applications such as Uber and Lyft. Ride sharing not only saves gas and cuts down on road congestion, but also reduces carbon emissions. Another innovation that’s found its way to the market and is revolutionizing the automotive industry is 3D printing. New and advancing technology is allowing car manufacturers to use 3D printers to build cars that function just like a traditional car, but they are more cost effective and require less manufacturing materials.

Even in gas-powered cars, manufacturers are attempting to protect our environment by reducing carbon as much as possible. This industry is constantly evolving. It will continue to create and innovate towards eliminating carbon emissions and protecting our environment. If you are unsure as to whether an electric or hybrid vehicle is right for you, then read this article, which reviews the models that stood out from the pack in 2018.

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