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According to PwC, a multitude of changes are transforming the automotive industry. These include the following trends:
• Autonomous vehicle usage will increase
• Shared and on-demand automotive options will increase
• User focus will shift to tech-savvy drivers
• Mobility and flexibility are paramount to drivers

Autonomous Vehicle Usage

Autonomous vehicle options are still in their infancy, but development efforts are underway. PwC estimates that by 2030, autonomous vehicle usage may even rise to as much as 40 percent. Once the technology catches up with the ideology, consumers will embrace the convenience, so much so, that they will actually increase the number of miles they ‘drive’, even if measured by nontraditional means.

Shared, On-Demand Options

Drivers want more mobility and flexibility with their vehicle. They enjoy options that provide these, such as ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber. The ease and convenience of ordering a car, on demand, without the responsibility of managing directions, traffic, and parking, is appealing, especially in urban areas. On the provider side, ride share drivers are investing in their vehicles as a means to a side gig that offers a great deal of autonomy and flexibility.

Tech-Savvy Options

The integration of technology into our vehicles is perhaps the biggest industry change to date. Did anyone predict that a car phone, a GPS navigator, a DVD player, and a CD player would all be rolled into a smart phone? And plugging that smart phone into your car is even simpler than starting the car itself. The integration of these elements is key, as consumers want convenience and simplicity.

Mobility and Flexibility

Perhaps these are the two elements that tie all of the previously discussed trends together. Consumers value their ever-shrinking available time and resources. Vehicles that offer easy-to-use features that actually add to quality of life will be important to consumers. Even other elements, such as vehicle safety, when incorporated with the consumer’s frame of mind, will be what draws to consumers to new trends in the automotive industry.

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